Rates are negotiable on a per-project basis, so feel free to contact us for a quote catered to your needs. All of the equipment listed here is available for rental with or without an operator. Contact for a personalized quote!
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PRO/XCS HD Steadicam w/ 2″ Telescoping Post

This professional camera stabilization system is a combination of 2 leading Hollywood manufacturers. With a 2 inch post and gimbal from XCS, the sled is super rigid and ultra smooth for any shooting environment. The Steadicam PRO Titan arm is the smoothest and strongest on the market, capable of holding any camera packages up to 75lbs. PRO-GPI electronics make it compatible with 12V/24V Film cameras (even at high FPS) and power-hungry Digital 35mm cameras like the Arri Alexa or Red Epic. HD & SD sled wiring with Cinetronic Gen2 daybright HD monitor. Optional operator tally light. Optional SD program return & prompter for Live/Multicam. Comes with 8 Anton Bauer Dionic batteries and Simultaneous Chargers. Backstage Modified Steadicam cart with pneumatic soft wheels and umbrella included for easy/safe transport.

Kraken K130 Aerial Cinema Drone w/ 3-axis Brushless Gimbal Stabilizer

Unleash the Kraken on your production. This Aerial Cinema Drone is built of a solid aluminum air-frame with eight T-Motor U7 KV420 brushless motors spinning 18in molded carbon fiber props to create a lifting force of over 20kg (44lbs). DJI A2 Flight Controller and GPS combined with 2.4GHz DataLink to iPad Ground Station ensure precision accuracy, repeatability, and most importantly safety. Combined with the DJI Ronin 3-axis Brushless Gimbal Stabilizer, we can fly your camera packages up to 15lbs. Supports Canon 5D, Lumix GH3/GH4, Sony NEX 7, RED Epic, and more. Combine with the Paralinx Tomahawk for Zero-Delay 1080p Live Video downlink. NOW AVAILABLE!

DJI Ronin 3-axis Stabilized Brushless Handheld Camera Gimbal

This new gimbal makes the Movi look like beta-technology. Developed for the filmmaking professional, the DJI Ronin marks a generational leap in camera stabilization technology. Its custom sensors, powerful motors and advanced algorithms put world-class precision in the hands of your operator. Once the camera is built, the Ronin can be ready to shoot in less than 5 minutes. Operates in upright, underslung, and briefcase modes for flexibility. Supports operation with 1 or 2 operators thanks to SmoothTrack Control and a separate camera operator remote control. NOW AVAILABLE!

Handsfree Segway for Steadicam w/ Walter Klassen Hard Mount

Handsfree Segway with Walter Klassen hardmount for rigging any Steadicam system. Comes with both turf tires and smooth track indoor/outdoor tires, pump, tire wrench, 3 different speed limit keys. Accessible for day or week rentals.

BarTech Focus Device – Wireless Follow Focus/Iris kit

A new innovation from Bartech Engineering is a Focus/Iris combined handset. With the BarTech Digital Receiver by fStop, this system gives you two total channels of lens control plus camera start/stop functions. Motor and run/stop cables. Handheld transmitter with marker rings. Rig-mount receivers.

Preston DM1 & SLD100 Lens Motor

Digital and Analog remote lens motor from Preston & Cinema Products. Rod-mounted (15mm) with all bracketry including accessories like Jerry Hill triangle mount for stability with stiffer lenses. Gears: .5mm pitch (Canon, Angenieux), .6mm pitch (Fujinon, Nikon), .8mm/32 pitch for most film lenses. Combine with the BarTech Digital and Analog receivers for 2-channel lens control.

G-Zoom Gimbal Mounted Zoom/Focus Controller

Custom fitted Gimbal mounted Operator's zoom demand/focus controller. Capable of controlling Canon and Fuji HDTV zoom lenses. Focus control interfaces directly with Canon and Fuji digital lenses. Focus control also interfaces with the Bartech Focus Device for control over any geared lens.

Paralinx Tomahawk Long-Range Wireless HD Kit w/ Director’s Monitor

Uncompressed 4:2:2 1920x1080 10-bit Long-Range wireless video Transmitter with Receiver. Less than 2ms latency. Range of over 3000ft line-of-sight! Yes, that's more than 1/2 mile! Kit includes Paralinx Array panel antenna w/ 5/8in Baby pin mount, choice of Liner and Circular Polarized antennas, 7inch Marshall LCD70MD handheld Director's monitor, and Pelican case. HD-SDI and HDMI supported with embedded audio. Can be connected to larger video village monitors. Power and video cables for every application.

Wireless SD Kit w/ Director’s Monitor

Wireless LCD inside billet aluminum cage with foam grip handles for the Director or a Focus Puller. The Coss Video UHF Transmitter sends a powerful signal to the monitor's built in tuner. View the shot from anywhere on set!

Wireless Teleprompter Kit

A Wireless 7inch LCD with built in tuner sits above the lens while the highest power commercially available UHF transmitter sends the Prompter signal. Can be used in conjunction with any SD Composite teleprompting system to suit your needs.

RangeVideo SD Tx/Rx

Back-up Wireless Video transmitter with multiple recievers for your video village. Backup Wireless Teleprompter.

Tiffen Vehicle Hardmount

Vehicle/SpeedRail/Dolly hardmount kit for versatile mounting of the Steadicam. As seen in the Under Armour Duck Dynasty commercials to shoot with the Steadicam in Low-Mode off of a boat.

Assortment of Brackets

Low Mode, High Mode, and everything in between. Arri Alexa Dovetail plate plus standard Dovetail w/ rods for focus systems and accessories. Weight plate and quick release adaptor for lighter cameras. Sony/Panasonic quick release plate. Preston and BFD mounting brackets. Rods and clamps for every application.

Assortment of Cables/Adaptors

Assortment of camera power cables (12V or 24V), adaptor plates/cables, and components for Film, Video, and Live Multicam production. Support for RED, Arri, Sony, Panasonic, Ikegami, and more..